The launch of the newly designed Kent County Levy Court website is scheduled to go live on today, July 8.

The new website will offer rapid access to county information structured in a more user-friendly format, featuring a homepage with an "alerts" section located at the top of every page.

These alerts, Emergency Alerts and Notifications, can be posted in real-time and range from showing messages about pending inclement weather conditions, to office closings in Kent County.

"We searched for user friendly formats and developed ours based upon award winning websites," said Kim Crouch, information technology director for Kent County Levy Court.

Visitors to the site will now be able to navigate by selecting services offered from drop down tabs, instead of the former departments/divisions driven format. The tab selections include: Government Services, Online Services, Visitors, Business, About Us, and Emergency Contact.

The new website also utilizes various native Kent County photographs, depicting locations native only to Kent County.

Other new functions include: a Kent County calendar of events, the dog licensing application on-line, a complete Home Owners Association (HOA) directory, (which is now searchable by development and includes the names of each HOA's board members), a section for Request for Proposals, Bids, building permits, and approved and non-approved ordinances.

Perhaps one of the most long awaited and much anticipated change is the upgraded mapping features known as Geographic Information Systems.

GIS, an integral part to the County's geographic data services, will provide users with more efficient access to land data.

No longer known as an industry tool primarily beneficial to planning, GIS now features pintable layers. These layers include the ability to distinguish wetlands, ownership data, and aerial views, zoning designations, flood plans, garbage/sewer districts and other public works data.

"Our goal is to provide the best resources to assist the public in obtaining any information required on the GIS side," said Danielle Lamborn, a GIS specialist in the Kent County Geographic Information Systems Division.

Training sessions for the public about how to navigate the Kent County website and GIS mapping features are scheduled for early August at the Kent County Complex Building, 555 Bay Road, Dover.

Visit the new website at