Casapulla's is known for their subs and deli across the state from northern Delaware to the beaches. Earlier this year, the Casapulla family brought a new location to Smyrna.

Casapulla's is a family tradition but each individual location is owned by a different member of the family.

The new business in Smyrna doesn't just have the typical deli though. Owner Andrew Casapulla also opened The CazzBar and will open a market in the future. Casapulla previously owned a location in Hockessin but closed shop in favor of moving to Smyrna last year. Casapulla said he had been planning to expand his Hockessin location to include a sports bar, but nixed the plans because the landlord wanted too much for rent.

"I started looking in Dover but couldn't find anything. One night on my way home driving through Smyrna I saw this place and liked it," Casapulla said.

The location was large enough to allow Casapulla to include a deli, sports bar and market.

His new location now offers a little bit of everything. Customers can stop into the deli for a quick lunch to go, enjoy the The Cazzbar for a sit down meal, and shop for food when the market opens.

Casapulla said the market hasn't opened yet because he was focusing on building a patio. He plans on featuring live entertainment outside now that the patio is finished. Once the market opens, Casapulla will sell Italian products including meats, virgin olive oil, spaghetti sauce and more. If there's something a customer wants and he doesn't have, Casapulla will do his best to get the item.

The menu at The Cazzbar will change soon, Casapulla said. The restaurant will soon have a new chef and with that will come new meals such as chicken Chesapeake, crab cakes, Cajun chicken and more.

The sports bar features entertainment throughout the week. Mondays are "Bike Night," which Casapulla said has been impossible to do because of all the rain the town has gotten this summer. Fridays are "Ladies Night" and features half-price drinks. Saturdays are "Dance Night" with drink specials. Every other Tuesday is "Comedy Night," which is hosted by comedian Keith Purnell.

Casapulla said the response has been pretty good.

"People are amazed because they're familiar with Casapulla's with the deli and they come in and say, 'Oh there's a bar too.'"

Casapulla did want to point out that the shortcomings experienced when the restaurant first opened have been addressed.

"When we opened, everything was new. The employees were new," Casapulla said. "The mistakes have all been taken care of. The mistakes have been worked out. Things are running a lot smoother now."

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