THE PROBLEM Residents living on Main Street attended the July 11 Smyrna Public Safety Committee meeting to voice their concern over the increase of traffic accidents at the intersection of South Main and South streets this year. Public Safety Committee chair Larry Thornton informed Smyrna Town Council of the problem at the July 15 meeting. Thornton said he was made aware of the issue too late to add the item to the agenda but invited residents to voice their concern, and agreed to add the issue to the agenda for the committee's August meeting.

WHAT'S BEING SAID Smyrna Police Chief Wil Bordley said there has been an increase in accidents at the intersection over the past few years. There were zero accidents at the intersection in 2010, one accident in 2011, two accidents in 2012, and five accidents this year already.

"Obviously there's an increase with the issue but there could be many factors," Bordley said.

One such factor discussed has been the amount of traffic diverted to South Street from Carter Road because of the DelDOT project on Carter Road.

"All of a sudden we're going from zero to five accidents. That's five accidents in six months," Bordley said. "I do believe [the project on] Carter Road is a major reason."

Craig Blowers, area engineer on the DelDOT Carter Road project, said the average daily traffic count on Carter Road was 8,500 in 2005 and the projected average daily traffic is 19,200 by 2030.

WHAT'S NEXT Thornton told council members until their August committee meeting, he and Bordley would examine the issue including what the traffic accident pattern looks like. They'll also touch base with DelDOT regarding recommendations to improve traffic issues.

"This is one of those ongoing issues that won't be solved in one meeting but certainly we'll have dialogue and we'll try our best to find a resolution," Thornton said.

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