Residents in Smyrna are seeing a new face wearing a Smyrna Police Department uniform with the hiring of new police officer William Davis. Davis is one of two new officers who were hired to fill vacancies in the department.

Davis previously worked in the Harrington Police Department as a narcotics investigator.

He recently took a few minutes to talk to the Sun-Times about why be became a police officer and why he wanted to work in Smyrna.

Q What made you decide to be a police officer?

A To help and assist the general public, and to set a good example and/or be a role model for children who may not know what a good person is or looks like.

Q What do you enjoy about being a police officer?

A I enjoy the ever changing backdrop of police work; it's primarily the same crimes with different characters, but as a police officer you never know what you are going to be sent to next. It keeps me on my toes having to react or act in a different manner depending on what type of complaint it is. I learn something new every day because it is never the same, which helps me develop and update my own tactics on handling situations based on my ongoing experience.

Q What are some of the challenges of working in law enforcement?

A The main challenges I find are trying to stay two steps ahead of the criminals who are changing and developing new tactics at committing crimes whether it be simple theft or transporting contraband in hidden compartments of vehicles. However I think SPD has quality officers with ample experience and who think outside of the box. The department sends officers to quality training to aid in leveling the playing field.

Q Why did you apply to Smyrna?

A I applied to the Smyrna PD to advance my career path as a police officer, and to work in a larger department that handles a higher volume of calls and complaints. The higher volume compared to Harrington's will provide the opportunity to advance my skills and learn more to become a better police officer to serve and protect the citizens of Smyrna. The town is still developing and growing larger in both population and commerce, which will lead the police department to grow as well and I want to be a part of that.

Q How have things been since you started at the Smyrna Police Department?

A Everything has been great from day one. I am at the end of my FTO (field training officer), which consists of riding with a veteran Smyrna Police Officer, which in my case is Cpl. Street. I am enjoying every minute working in Smyrna. I have had several vehicle stops that have yielded heroin and multiple hypodermic needles. I also arrested two subjects for DUI this past weekend. The hardest thing is learning all of the street names and their locations.

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