Smyrna Town Council members received a Public Safety Committee report update by chairman Larry Thornton at the July 15 council meeting. At the meeting, Thornton updated council regarding several areas of traffic concerns in town.

Thornton said the DelDOT area engineer, Craig Blowers, for the Carter Road project has talked to several residents regarding issues with traffic on Carter Road.

"I was gracious enough to give them Mr. [Craig] Blowers cell phone number and they did call him, and he did respond and worked out some of those issues."

Thornton also updated council regarding traffic concerns at Smyrna Elementary. Thornton said the issue concerns traffic during dismissal time at Smyrna Elementary. Smyrna School District Superintendent Debbie Wicks told the committee that when parents picks up their children after school, they have to physically go into the school and pick up the kids so the teacher could see them.

"This came about as a result of the tragedy at Sandy Hook and created a lot of traffic problems in that area adding to that issue," Thornton said. "The fact is there's limited parking spaces over there as well as the influx of people at the same time."

While Wicks told the committee some changes are taking place to ease the problem, the changes are two years away and are not an immediate fix. The committee discussed increasing the number of parking spaces. In the meantime, Wicks agreed to instruct her teachers to not park in certain areas in hopes of freeing up some spaces. The police department will monitor the concern when school opens back up to get some hard numbers with the parking situation.

"It's an incremental process but we'll still have traffic jams over there," Thornton said. "This school is old but this particular problem is new. Ultimately it'll be resolved but it's not going to be resolved this year."