“Sit up straight” isn’t just an empty saying…in fact, it’s pretty important! Today, our team from ATI Physical Therapy shares what you need to know about proper sitting posture.

First, it’s important to avoid these three common mistakes:

- Letting Buttocks slide forward.

- Crossing Legs, allows back to round out.

- Slumping can lead to weakness in core & back muscles or “stretch-weakness”.

Poor posture can create an imbalance in strength and flexibility. Therefore, it’s important to remember the following tips:

- Get out of your chair several times a day and move around—even for 30 seconds.

- Roll your shoulders backwards.

- Turn your head side to side.

- Stretch out your forearms and your legs.

- Buttock all the way back in the chair

- Use arm rests.

- Place the lumbar support slightly below the waist line.

- Adjust the height of the chair so your feet can rest completely on the floor.

- Allow 1-3 inches between the edge of the seat & the back of your knees.

- Use a high back chair that supports your shoulder blades if at all possible.

- Hips, knees, ankles & elbows at a 90 degree angle.

- If at a computer, screen should be eye level & wrists neutral.

It turns out that proper standing posture is pretty important, too...visit us next Tuesday for tips on why you should "stand up straight," too!