Smyrna Town Council discussed the 2013 budget at the meeting Monday night but didn't take any action on the matter.

Councilman Robert Johnson, chair of the Finance Committee, provided an update to council members regarding what was discussed at a July special Finance Committee meeting.

The town currently has a $43,963 surplus. However, the town also has a possible deficit of $289,000, which was originally included in the 2013 budget as restricted spending; the surplus knocks down the possible deficit to roughly $245,000. After going over all the others numbers in the budget, Johnson said the town is under budget and the town is actually looking at a possible $302,000 shortfall but he believes everything will even out.

"The numbers actually look pretty good," Johnson said.

But the possible deficit wasn't the only part of the budget discussed at the meeting. Town Manager Dave Hugg said that while council approved the 2013 budget in November, the Finance Committee approved an amended budget in April that included updated numbers for costs such as pension and healthcare. Hugg said the numbers used for those line items in the budget in November were just estimates.

"I'd like to ask council to adopt the amended April budget, which has the correct numbers," Hugg said.

Johnson said he'd prefer the Finance Committee look at the amended budget first before going to council for approval. After the council meeting, he said the reason the amended budget didn't come back to council following the committee's April approval is because it was a time of transition for council and the committee following the town election. Since there are new members on the committee, he wants them to look at the amended budget before it comes to council.

The Finance Committee will discuss the amended budget at the August meeting; Johnson said it will come back to council in September.

Capital budget amended

While council members didn't make any changes to the 2013 budget, the capital budget was amended due to a recent capital acquisition.

The town recently purchased the PT Morgan warehouse behind the Public Works Building on Artisan Drive for $300,000. The town will cover the cost of the acquisition in two ways. First, $150,000 that was going to be used to build a shed for electric equipment will be transferred. Then there is a $150,000 advance from the electric fund that will be reimbursed with income brought in from the town leasing out part of the building.

Town honors former firefighter

Mayor Joanne Masten read aloud a resolution in honor of Citizens' Hose Company life member Michael Ryan, who passed away unexpectedly July 30.

The resolution states Ryan was a former member of Elsmere and Christiana fire companies before joining Citizens' Hose Company in 1991. He also served with the American Legion Post 14 Ambulance Service for many years.

"He will be sorely missed by all those whose lives he touched," Masten read.

Masten announced the town will give the resolution to the Ryan family Thursday, Aug. 9 in a memorial at Citizens' Hose Company; it will start at 7 p.m.

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