The main topic of the Aug. 5 Smyrna Town Council meeting may have been the 2013 budget but there were several other items discussed as well. Here are a few other items from the meeting.

High school band honored

Mayor Joanne Masten read aloud a proclamation that deems every Aug. 9 as the Smyrna High School Regiment of Red Marching Band Day. The proclamation congratulates members of the band for their hard work and accomplishments.

Councilwoman Valerie White said council recognized the band a few years ago but the students work extremely hard in and outside of school. She wanted to make sure the students were properly honored.

"I wanted to make sure they were recognized for years to come," White said. "They should be recognized every year."

Tethering ordinance already working

Masten asked Smyrna Police Chief Wil Bordley how things have been working in town in regards to the dog tethering ordinance that was passed in July. Masten noted the ordinance seems to be getting a lot of positive interest.

Bordley said the officers love the ordinance and actually received a few phone calls the day after the ordinance was approved in reference to enforcement of the law. Some residents have already been given warnings.

"I think it's going to be effective," Bordley said. "I think it's going to be a great ordinance for the town."

Park statute update

Masten provided a brief update regarding the broken statute at George C. Wright Jr. Memorial Park. The town had placed a statute at the park in honor of former Smyrna mayor George C. Wright Jr. but it was broken shortly after the dedication of the statute.

Masten said it has been sent back to the company that made the statute but she's unsure of the timeline for when it'll be returned.

"If I hear more I'll let you know," Masten said.

Curbs painted, weeds sprayed

Masten thanked Public Works Director Daryl Jester and his crew for painting the curbs at the schools and for spraying the weeds in town. Masten said the goal is to get all the curbing and hydrants in town painted as well as the weeds sprayed. She did, however, take a moment to remind homeowners to spray the weeds sprouting from their sidewalks.

"From my perspective, the homeowners should really focus on the sidewalks especially those with brick sidewalks," Masten said. "The ordinance says it's the homeowner's responsibility to take care of their weeds and in some cases they are pretty bad."

9/11 event planned

Masten told residents that Citizens' Hose Company will have a program on Sept. 11 in remembrance of the terrorist attacks on 9/11. The event is typically held in front of the fire department, which is on West Commerce Street.

"Any of you that can attend that, it's appreciated," Masten said. "It was a nice event last year."

Creating a long-term budget

Councilman Robert Johnson said the Finance Committee is beginning to work on creating a two to three year budget to better help the town plan for the future. He said creating a budget that is three years out will allow the town to see where the income is coming from and whether or not taxes will need to be raised.

"It's so people know what to expect," Johnson said.

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