Smyrna Town Hall was a packed house Monday night for the Smyrna Town Council meeting as residents from the Bombay Woods housing development filled the room to voice their frustrations with the development's obsolete housing maintenance corporation.

Town Council previously approved for the town lawyers to petition the Court of Chancery for a receivership, but the lawyers ended up petitioning the court for an election for the maintenance corporation's board of directors. Once the board of directors was elected, the corporation could move forward. However, resident Rick Rettinger said at Monday's meeting things haven't exactly gone as planned.

The election was held in the spring. There were only three residents on the ballot so those three residents were elected to the board. Two residents ended up resigning leaving resident Andrea Beck as the sole member of the board.

Rettinger said a meeting was held this summer. There wasn't a quorum as roughly 20 residents were in attendance and 51 percent of the residents are needed to vote on anything. A handful of residents offered to fill the vacancies on the board of directors, but only if Beck wasn't president. Rettinger said one resident even asked Beck to step down from the board completely. Rettinger told council he was coming to council because the residents wanted them to approve for a mediator to get involved.

"This is not a vendetta against Andrea," Rettinger. "Something is not right here."

Rettinger also asked for the town to help put a cease and desist order against Beck to stop her from doing activities such as writing checks for the home maintenance corporation.

Ultimately, town lawyer Barrett Edwards said if Beck did step down, they'd be back in the same position of having no board members.

"The best thing is for Andrea to appoint two board members," Edwards said. "Then if they vote her off, there's a process to do that."

Councilwoman Valerie White said this is exactly why she didn't want the town to get involved. While the group could ask for a mediator, she said the town could decide to not do anything and if the town has to come cut the grass in the development, they'll charge the residents.

Councilwoman Andrea Rodriguez recommended the residents put their personal and emotional feelings to the side to work together because if they're not careful and something goes wrong, residents in the development could be liable.

When Bombay Woods resident Andrea Beck finally stood to talk, she told the residents of Bombay Woods that it was hard to sit and listen to an "Andrea roasting."

"People don't want to get involved because the meetings are violent, nasty," Beck said. "You've turned this into the world against Andrea. We need to fix this community."

Beck urged her fellow residents to work together.

After more discussions, Councilman John Embert said all the questions about deeds and bylaws were irrelevant and Beck needed to appoint two residents to serve on the board so they can get things moving.

Since there were Bombay Woods residents willing to serve on the board at the meeting, Jeff Horvath and John Greim were appointed as the two board members.

"Now you need to bury the hatchet and more forward," White said.

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