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Classic '50's rock & rollers AND Classic Brdway show
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By Greer Firestone
Playwright of a new musical JUDY GARLAND - World's Greatest Entertainer. This show is a takeoff of the '70's tv show THIS IS YOUR LIFE. But Judy's guests are Liza, Frank and ...
Aisle Say

Playwright of a new musical JUDY GARLAND - World's Greatest Entertainer. This show is a takeoff of the '70's tv show THIS IS YOUR LIFE. But Judy's guests are Liza, Frank and Dean. The 4 of them sing their signature tunes. Opening in April 2015

CANDLELIGHT THEATRE: April 24,25,26 & May 1,2,3 302.475.2313

baby grand Mother's Day May 10 matinee and evening performance (Mom loved Judy, Frank & Dean)  800.37.Grand

The Milton (DE) Theatre May 16 302.684.3038


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By Greer Firestone
Aug. 19, 2013 9:48 a.m.

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear when Dad went to work in a grey flannel suit and Mom cleaned and cooked and did laundry in her prim gingham dress (with apron). We all gathered around the wood-framed TV watching "Ed Sullivan" on Sunday nights. Yes, there was Cold War but there was light at the end in the election of JFK with his perfect wife and perfect kids and the aura of Camelot.
And....there was Bobby Rydell, with his boyishly handsome looks, his pompadour hair, his electric smile. Yessiree, here was the clean-cut All American boy who exemplified The American Way.
Producer Lois Parker hit a home run with her rookie Rock N Roll Legends Show many months ago. She is out to prove there is no sophomore slump with this October 5 date. The teen idol who made "Volare" and "Wild One" part of the Philly sound; that propelled teeny boppers to rush home in time for American Bandstand, yes, the fellow for whom a fictional high school in a movie starring Travolta and Newton-John was named; THAT Bobby Rydell will be the headliner.
Joining Rydell will be The Capris singing "There's A Moon Out Tonight". (Ah yes, that was a song with double entendre for adolescent boys swooning for gfriends!). Parker has also booked The Coasters ("Charlie Brown", "Yakkity Yak"), The Chiffons ("He's So Fine", "One Fine Day"). A special guest is local favorite Frank Jewell, former lead singer of The U.S. Stamps.
Aisle Say attended the premiere show. It was a sold out BLAST. Standing O's for all performers.
October 5 TicketsAtTheGrand.org 800.37.GRAND Also on Facebook
CHORUS LINE at New Candlelight Theatre
At its opening on Broadway in 1975, CHORUS LINE was a game changer. The concept was so utterly imaginative that it struck the nerve of every aspiring and wannabe performer worldwide.
A host of dancers are auditioning for an upcoming show. All are desperate for work. The director takes a tack that is completely abnormal. He asks them to talk about themselves. Gradually, their life experiences pour out.
Music by Marvin Hamlisch propelled the show to 9 Tony Awards, (when Tony Awards still mattered). The soulful "What I Did For Love" and the gargantuan closer "One" rank in the Mount Olympus of Broadway folklore.
Director Bob Kelly has cast veterans in the leading characters. The demanding and imperious director Zach is played by Bob Miller. The female lead, Cassie will be the triple threat Kaylan Wetzel. And major props to Wetzel; she had her first baby very recently. Cassie is quite a demanding role for a dancer!
September 13 thru November 3 NCTStage.org 302.475.2313
On 11 August I wrote about the approximate $3 million distributed statewide to arts organizations by DE Division of the Arts. After publication Aisle Say was struck with a contrarian thought. Winterthur Museum received $75,000.00 from our state coffers. Whazzup with that? Henry F du Pont created his monumental anti-museum at his inherited estate. The period rooms equaled exhibits of the great museums of the world, accrued from the assets of a $50 million inheritance. One might think that a tourist destination with its own zip code has its own quite substantial endowment!

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