The Bombay Woods home maintenance corporation was the main topic of conversation at the Aug. 19 Smyrna Town Council meeting; however, there were other pieces of business taken care of and discussed at the meeting.

Resident thanks council for paving project

Mayor Joanne Masten read aloud a letter written by Janet Bratten where she thanked council and the town for repaving roads this summer in the housing development north of Glenwood Avenue.

Bratten wrote she appreciated the town repaving North School Lane, Greens Branch Lane and High Street: "These streets are now a pleasure to drive down."

However, since other roads in the neighborhood – Ronald Lane, Paul Drive and Roberts Drive – were not repaved this year due to funding, Bratten asked council to take repaving those streets in consideration when discussing the 2014 budget.

Bicycle auction

Police Chief Wil Bordley announced the Smyrna Police Department will be having a bicycle auction on Tuesday, Sept. 3 at 11 a.m. The auction includes stolen and found bicycles.

"Anyone who has lost or reported a stolen bicycle, contact the police department before [the auction] to identify the bicycle."

Bordley said to contact Lt. Norman Wood regarding the bicycles. The phone number to the police department is 653-9217.

Vegetation ordinance amended

Council approved an ordinance to amend Chapter 74 of the town code, titled "Vegetation." Council waived the three readings of the ordinance, which strikes the charges regarding grass and weeds removal. The fees will now be set forth in the town's fee schedule.

Before voting occurred on the ordinance amendment, Councilman Jeff Flairty verified with Town Manager Dave Hugg the purpose of the change, which is part of a global effort to centralize all town fees.

"A few years ago there was a global change and we took all the fees out of the code and put them in the fee schedule," Hugg said.

Hugg still occasionally finds fees that weren't taken out of the code and put into the fee structure.

Council also passed a resolution allowing Hugg to set the fees in the fee schedule.

Water quality concerns addressed

Flairty said a resident attended the August Utility Committee meeting with a concern regarding water quality.

Flairty said the resident had some corrosion in the piping and wanted to know what the cause was.

"We do testing all the time to the water and meet EPA standards for clean water," Flairty said. "I'm happy to report the water is in excellent shape in town."

Flairty said any residents with water quality and sewer concerns are welcome to the Utility Committee meetings.

Masten makes finance suggestions

During Councilman Robert Johnson's Finance Committee report, Masten made a few suggestions of items for the committee to discuss at a future meeting.

First she said she had Hugg put together a list of equipment the town has and the age of the equipment. Masten said the committee needs to take a serious look at the equipment on the list when discussing the budgets for 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Masten also suggested doing a reassessment of properties, looking at the criteria for senior citizens to obtain a tax rate reduction, training current staff to eventually take over supervisory positions, and creating a joint Finance-Utility Committee to do an electric rate study.

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