Rep. Bill Carson (D-Smyrna) has offered to help the Town of Clayton repave some of their run-down streets in town. Carson told the Clayton Streets Committee in an Aug. 21 meeting of his intentions to assist the town.

"Let me know how I can help with street infrastructure work. I have funding," Carson said.

Carson wants the town to put together a list of priorities for road work that needs to be done in the town.

The committee approved a motion to send a recommendation to town council asking for the town to present a priority list of street infrastructure work to Rep. Carson for possible assistance with funding.

Committee Chair Dave Letterman said Bassett and Rodney streets are two areas of concern. Town Foreman Jeff Hurlock said drainage work at the intersection of Clayton Avenue and Duck Creek Road is long overdue. Hurlock said the project was something former Rep. Quinn Johnson promised to do but he's no longer the representative for Clayton because of redistricting.

"It's something that Johnson started but wasn't able to finish it," Hurlock said. "I think it'd be good for the town to finish it."

Carson also said he's talked with Rep. Trey Paradee (D-Smyrna) about assisting with paving roads in the developments surrounding Clayton; these aren't in his district but Carson offered to help Paradee as much as he can.

Council will vote on the recommendation at the Monday, Sept. 9 council meeting.