It's been 12 years since the horrific events that occurred on Sept. 11 in the United States. For the past 11 years, the Smyrna-Clayton Ministerial Association and Citizens' Hose Company have come together to put on the 9/11 Memorial Candlelight Service Vigil to honor the lives lost that day and to pay tribute to emergency responders. Here are the details to this year's ceremony.

What to expect

Rev. Dr. John Riley, of First Presbyterian Church in Smyrna, said residents in attendance should expect the program to have the same format as previous years, which includes a performance by the Citizens' Hose Company band and a candlelight ceremony.

Why it's held

Rev. Dr. Riley said the town didn't hold a ceremony the year 9/11 occurred but have done so every year since then.

"We do this to remember those that perished at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, on Flight 93, and those that gave their lives to save others," Riley said. "And to honor firefighters, police, first responders personnel and those in the Armed Forces who continue to serve and save lives for their service."

Why should you go?

Riley said community members should attend the program to show their support and appreciation for the country's front line defense members who take a stand and sacrifice themselves for the community.

"We'll never see the end of tragedies such as 9/11. We need to prepare mentally and spiritually, and remember the past for they can be the future as the Boston bombings in April showed us," Riley said.

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