Smyrna Town Council approved a subdivision application from KRM Development, Inc. at the Sept. 16 meeting for a 24-lot business park adjacent to Paddock Road.

The subdivision application was previously approved by council in March 2008; however, since five years had passed, KRM brought the application back to the Planning & Zoning Commission and Smyrna Town Council to confirm the previous approval, Town Manager Dave Hugg said after the meeting.

A public hearing was held on the application prior to the Sept. 16 meeting. During the public hearing, J. Michael Riemann of Becker Morgan Group gave a presentation on the business park, which will sit on roughly 206 acres of land on Paddock Road. KRM offers business and warehouse space. The company's Chesapeake Bay Business Park houses companies such as Bay Signs and Lacrosse Homes.

During discussions in the public hearing and the regular council meeting, questions were asked regarding a second entrance to the business park. Councilwoman Valerie White referred to a request from Police Chief Wil Bordley that there be a second entrance off of Brick Store Landing Road.

Riemann said the company has no objection to putting a second entrance, but officials at the Delaware Emergency Management Agency on Brick Store Landing Road have voiced opposition for security purposes.

"If DEMA was willing to allow us to let that happen, we would work with the town," Riemann said. "We're willing to do that. We don't have an objection to that."

Bordley said the lack of a second entrance is something the town needs to consider moving forward, but it is an issue with DEMA.

Town Manager Dave Hugg said there has been some precedent for a farm lane to allow for emergency access; such emergency farm lanes are in Bombay Woods.

"If access is not available to the general public, they [DEMA] might have a different feeling for it," Hugg said.

Riemann agreed with Hugg, stating he believes DEMA's concerns are geared towards not allowing everyday traffic on an entrance at Brick Store Landing Road.

Therefore, White made a motion to approve the subdivision application but with consideration of putting an emergency fire lane at Brick Store Landing Road.

Town Lawyer Barrett Edwards said the approval of the application is not contingent on getting the second entrance; it's just a caveat to pursue the emergency entrance.

"If it doesn't happen, they still get their approval," Edwards said.

Councilman John Embert asked if an emergency fire lane would satisfy Bordley's concerns.

"I know as a past fire chief we strongly recommend two entrances into anything so I understand," Embert said.

Bordley said a fire lane would be perfect.

Councilman Jeff Flairty also had some questions regarding maintenance, parking and a possible water tower. Riemann said KRM will be responsible for maintenance and there will be no on street parking.

As for the water tower, Riemann said there have been some discussions regarding a water tower at the business park and if the town engineers determine the property is the best location for a water tower, KRM will be helpful towards that effort.

"From an economic development point of view, this is the keystone in the future of development of the town with businesses," Flairty said. "I think this is a huge step forward and I'm glad you guys are moving forward on this very much so."

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