The main topic of conversation at the Oct. 7 Smyrna Town Council meeting was the issues one family on Lincoln Street is having with violence as previously reported in the Oct. 9 edition of the Smyrna/Clayton Sun-Times. Council also voted to recommend DelDOT look into lowering the speed limit on Carter Road and for the town to initiate talks for emergency plans.

Here are a few other tidbits from the meeting

Musto honored

Smyrna Town Council honored local business owner Pat Musto with a proclamation as her hair salon, Talk of the Town, celebrated its 40th anniversary this year.

Talk of the Town is located at 16 N. Market St.

Mayor Joanne Masten read aloud the proclamation at the meeting.

"Celebrating 40 years in business to me, that's a big accomplishment not only to have a business in Smyrna for 40 years but to have a hair shop in Smyrna for 40 years," Masten said. "Like Pat, we've seen some of them come and we've seen them go. Fortunately Pat seems to have maintained her clientele and grown over the years."

Talk of the Town opened on Oct. 16, 1973 and is one of the premier salons in town. Masten said businesses like Talk of the Town are a big part of Smyrna's success and the businesses prosper because of the owners.

"These home grown businesses contribute to the quality of life here," Masten said. "We encourage all residents in town to congratulate Musto and her talented staff for many more years of success."

Route 13 improvements

Town Manager Dave Hugg informed council that the proposed design and infrastructure improvements to Route 13 from Duck Creek to Route 1 south of town have been approved in the DelDOT Capital Transportation Plan for 2015 to 2020.

However, Hugg said the bad news is that the design proposed funding is in 2018 with the construction improvements in 2020.

"The concern that we've expressed already to the MPO and DelDOT is the impending development north of Duck Creek with water and sewer. We'll be chasing land use again," Hugg said.

Hugg said the construction aspect may not be as critical in that time period but he would like council to endorse a resolution asking DelDOT to move the design portion up to fiscal year 2015 so there's a consistency between the design portion and the improvements underway.

Affordable Care Act assistance

LaDonna Norvell of the Delmarva Foundation for Medical Care approached council during the public forum to give council and residents information on the Affordable Care Act and Delaware Insurance Marketplace.

"There are 90,000 Delaware resdients who do not have health insurance; five percent of that is children," Norvell said. "The purpose of the marketplace is to increase access to health insurance and make the cost affordable."

Norvell said there are guides available to assist residents apply and become more familiar with the marketplace insurance.

"The good think is the marketplace insurance is if you have a preexisting condition, you cannot be denied for health insurance," she said.

Moreover, individuals who were denied Medicaid previously may not qualify.

Norvell said there are six people with the Delmarva Foundation for medical care working in Kent County. She said they are subletting an office in Bob Johnson's Computers Stuff on Artisan Drive in the Smyrna Business Park; however, if transportation is a problem Norvell said arrangements can be made.

"What I'm doing here is letting people know there is help out there for them," Norvell said.

Masten asked Norvell to leave brochures at town hall.

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