PREVIOUSLY REPORTED Smyrna residents Sharon and Lincoln Huntoon approached council members at the Oct. 7 Smyrna Town Council meeting regarding issues with violence on Lincoln Street.

The Huntoons told council that they had been the victims of racially charged violence by their neighbors on the road. Moreover, Sharon Huntoon said some officers of the Smyrna Police Department have been little help in dealing with the situation. Therefore, the family decided to approach council to bring awareness to the problem.

The Huntoons moved to Smyrna last year. Huntoon said the actions against her family have included beer bottles thrown at their house and cut brake lines on their cars.

Councilwoman Valerie White apologized to the family stating she has always felt as if Smyrna was a safe community.

Mayor Joanne Masten suggested the family meet with herself, Vice Mayor Regina Brown and Police Chief Wil Bordley.

UPDATE Masten followed through on her suggestion of setting up a meeting. A meeting with Sharon Huntoon, Masten, Brown and Bordley was held Oct. 9 at the Smyrna Police Department.

Masten said she believes the meeting went well.

"I am optimistic that many of the issues can be resolved through peaceful means," Masten said in an email. "I believe that reaching out to the neighbors on Lincoln Street will go a long way to building relationships and tearing down walls."

Bordley said the following statement via email regarding the meeting.

"As a result of the meeting several things were accomplished, one of which is a full scale investigation into her [Sharon Huntoon] legal concerns and treatment by the Smyrna Police Department," Bordley said. "We also came away with some short and long term solutions going forward to address her family's specific situation. Once the investigation is completed, we will sit down with the Huntoon family and review the results in the very near future."

Once news of the Huntoon's complaints to council broke, there was some negative reaction by the residents on Lincoln Street.

Lincoln Street resident Lynd Downs said in the more than 10 years she has lived on Lincoln Street, there haven't been issues with violence. She said the residents of the street were upset with the accusations made by the Huntoon family.

"If these things are taking place, where's the proof? Where are the police reports?" Downs asked.

Downs said several residents plan on addressing council members at the next Smyrna Town Council meeting regarding the alleged issues.

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