The topic of violence on Lincoln Street was once again discussed Monday at the Smyrna Town Council meeting.

Two Lincoln Street residents – Sharon and Lincoln Huntoon – spoke at a previous cancel meeting regarding violence towards their family.

Mayor Joanne Masten said a meeting was held regarding the alleged violence. While the police department will do some investigating on their part, Masten said the town is hoping to hold a community gathering at Centennial United Methodist Church on Mount Vernon Street in the near future with the hope of bringing the community together.

Later in the public forum portion of the meeting, a few residents spoke out against the alleged incidents.

Lincoln Street resident Lynd Downs said she's lived on Lincoln Street for over 12 years and has never had issues.

"If it were that bad, I would've been packed up and left," Downs said.

Downs said the Huntoon family has cameras at their house so if all this violence was taking place, where's the proof. Downs said there was once incident involving the Huntoon's and her sister but Sharon Huntoon didn't show up to court.

Another Lincoln Street resident told council she's also had issues with the Huntoon family, including issues with the property line. She also told council the Huntoon family takes up parking on the entire street. The woman went into great detail regarding the various issues she's had with the family.

"They always find something to pick at," she said. "They're the ones causing problems."

Smyrna resident Cindy Cogar also spoke during public forum and was encouraged by the number of residents in attendance at the meeting and invited those in attendance to come to as many meetings as they can.

Cogar also touched on the subject of Lincoln Street. Cogar said she was appalled to hear what the Huntoon's said regarding the violence on Lincoln Street.

"I have no reason to believe what they said isn't true just like I have no reason to believe what you say isn't true," Cogar said.

Cogar did say that she dropped her car off for work at a local car dealership recently and then walked around town, including Lincoln Street.

"I will say I walked down Lincoln Street and didn't have any problems," she said. "People were nice, they said hi."

At the end of the public forum portion of the meeting, Councilwoman Valerie White took a moment to address the residents in attendance at the meeting.

White thanked everyone for coming out to the meeting to explain they're side of the story, stating there are always two sides to every story. She liked the idea of having a community gathering in hopes of finding a resolution.

"But I'll say the same thing I said before. I think Smyrna is a good place to live," White said. "They don't deserve to live like that and you don't deserve to live like that."

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