Smyrna Town Council approved the use of the new town seal at the Oct. 21 council meeting.

Town Manager Dave Hugg reminded council at the meeting that the seal was created in the fall of 2011 through a branding exercise. The $7,000 project, which was partially paid for by the Smyrna Downtown Renaissance Association and the Delaware Economic Development Office, brought in a consultant to draft a new brand for Smyrna. The new brand draws on the history and importance of tradition in Smyrna.

Hugg said along with new marketing materials, banners, photos and other items that were suggested for future use, a new town seal was created by the consultant.

"Council didn't officially adopt the town seal but staff began using it," Hugg said.

Hugg said as part of the grant, the town is required to commit to the use of the products. He said previously there were concerns regarding the price of the change, but the seal wouldn't need to be changed in one big swoop. The town council could make the change to business cards, town vehicles and more gradually.

Councilman Jeff Flairty said council has sat around long enough without approving the seal. Vice Mayor Regina Brown voiced her dislike of the new seal, stating she likes the old seal. She said some residents felt the color scheme of blues and oranges were better set for just the fall. Other residents said the ducks on the seal, which are there to honor Smyrna's Duck Creek Crossroads beginnings, look more like bats.

Council eventually approved the new seal 5-2.

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