One Smyrna town committee is hoping to reactivate the town's Redevelopment Authority.

Rick Downes, a member of the Economic Development Committee, approached council regarding the topic at the Oct. 21 Smyrna Town Council meeting.

Downes said the Business Development subcommittee discussed the Redevelopment Authority at a September meeting.

"The Redevelopment Authority was adopted by council in June of 2004 so it's been around for over nine years," Downes said. "The problem is its inactive and the Business Development subcommittee thought it'd be a good idea to reactivate it."

Downes said he was seeking for moral support from council to pursue searching for funds outside of the town to support the authority. He said the group will hopefully get funding from the federal Department of Agriculture or community block grant funding.

He said there is a Delaware code that will guide the committee in its research. Once the group can put together a formal proposal, the committee will present the information to council.

"By the way, council is the Redevelopment Authority. We don't have any money for that but you are the redevelopment authority," Downes said.

Councilman Robert Johnson said there's been talk regarding creating a position in town for a redevelopment specialist. He asked Downes if that position would be funded by the Redevelopment Authority.

Downes said from what he understands, the authority would fund that position.

"The goal is to get the funds to make this totally self-sufficient without local funds," Downes said. "I hope we have your endorsement at least to pursue this."

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