Students in one of Ms. Treherne's classes at Smyrna High School received a visit Oct. 23 from Kayleigh Karnbach and Jack, her Pembroke Welsh Corgi, of Paws for People.

Jack, also known as "Bayhealth's Smallest Therapist," recently returned from Canada after receiving the 2013 Pet Therapy Animal of the Year Award for Planetree.

During her presentation, Karnbach explained to the class how Jack helps patients while they're receiving their speech and feeding therapy. The students, who had researched Karnbach and Jack prior to the visit, asked a variety of questions during the presentation. The students wanted to know why the temperament of a therapy dog is important for training, how long it takes to become certified as a therapy team member, and how a particular little girl was doing Karnbach and Jack assisted with her feeding therapy.

After their interview with Karnbach and Jack, the students petted and fed Jack string cheese as a treat after responding to their various commands.