Smyrna resident and artist Richard Bailey has been making sculptures for 50 years. He recently fulfilled a dream of creating a book, a biography of sorts, on his life as a sculptor.

Bailey held a book signing for his book "A Sculptor's Miracle" on Nov. 5 at Sayers Jewelers on South Main Street in Smyrna.

Bailey creates one-of-a-kind pieces using various stones include granite and marble. He writes in the introduction of his book that it is the "variance of color and grain" of the stones that creates a piece of art that can't be recreated. These pieces of work have won Bailey numerous awards in his lifetime.

He works on his family farm doing the work and then places it in his gallery located on Smyrna Landing Road. Bailey opens his gallery for tours by only by appointment.

Bailey's foray into a career in sculpture started while he was attending Smyrna High School.

"This is my first book. I've done several brochures but this is more for sales and the selling of my art," Bailey said. "I'm inspired by miracles."

There have been numerous times in his life when Bailey says he heard a voice speaking to him, the Holy Spirit warning him. Sometimes the voice warned him while working; one time he didn't listen and wound up with a piece of steel in his hand. Bailey said God and these miracles helped him to create his art.

Bailey's wife Kay said she's very excited her husband has published a book featuring his art.

"Before we met, Richard studied and apprenticed in New York City and in Vermont with a very famous marble sculptor, the late José de Creeft. Jose was born in Spain and had a strong accent when he spoke," Kay said. "Many times, Jose would tell Richard, 'You do finish it.' He meant to say, 'If you start a project, you must complete it.' Jose would be proud that Richard finished his book and so am I."

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