PREVIOUSLY REPORTED The Clayton Building Committee proposed earlier this year to expand the police station and renovate the lobby of town hall, both of which committee members said needed to be done for safety reasons.

At the time, committee members wanted the police station expansion mainly so the department would have its own entranceway.

Currently police officers have to bring suspects into the police station from the lobby of town hall.

"We need a more secure building, one where prisoners aren't coming in town hall to be interviewed or to use the bathroom," said Alex Dias, committee chair in an Aug. 27 meeting. "They need to be separate from town hall so it's more secure for the town and our employees."

The blueprints, at that time, showed the expansion would include a storage room, interview room, front entrance and more for the police station. A file room would be opened up to free up desk space for an officer. The police station expansion will fill in the car port at town hall.

When the committee met in August, the idea of renovating the town hall was suggested. The renovation would give town employees more space; both projects would improve the safety of town employees.

"I almost think we should do it as one package," said Councilman Skip Carrow regarding the two projects. "If we're going to do it, we need to do it right."

The committee originally hoped to have the project done before it got cold outside but the expanded scoped pushed back the timeline of the work.

WHAT'S NEW? Clayton Town Council approved a $101,000 project at the Nov. 25 meeting to make changes to town hall.

The project includes three facets – a town hall renovation, a police station expansion, and a shower and bathroom in the police station.

Construction Manager Ed Ide, of i3a Construction Management, said the project needs to be submitted to the State Fire Marshal for approval and then the project can be put out to bid. Once these two aspects of the project are completed, the project can start.

Mayor Tom Horn explained that the project is something that needs to be done.

"It's for safety reasons, especially the town employees," Horn said. "This is something we've got to do."

After the Nov. 25 council meeting, Dias said the town did a good job this year on the budget so the project could happen.

"I'm relieved," he said.

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