Parents of students in the Smyrna School District won't have to wait all night to see if their children don't have school tomorrow. The Smyrna School District has already cancelled school Friday due to the snow and ice from the latest winter storm to hit the area.

Snow started falling Thursday evening and accumulated a few inches within hours. Originally predicted to get hit with two to four inches, Kent County is expected to accumulate six to eight inches according to the Delaware Emergency Management Agency.

DEMA released a weather update at around 10:40 p.m. Thursday night regarding the storm.

DEMA officials, along with other emergency response agencies across the state are monitoring the snowstorm that is making its way through the state overnight. The National Weather Service (NWS) posted a Winter Storm Warning for New Castle County earlier today, extended the warning to Kent and Sussex Counties Thursday evening, while increasing the amount of snow expected. NWS forecasters are now saying that as much as 6-8 inches of snow could fall in New Castle and Kent Counties, with 3-5 inches in Sussex County.

The weather conditions bring two problems to the state - snow accumulations and high winds. Coastal Flood Advisories are up for Kent and Sussex Counties. Additionally, the winds will cause the snow to drift and create patchy areas on roadways. Drivers should use extreme caution throughout the storm period. The other problem is the extreme cold associated with this weather. Temperatures will be in the teens overnight across the state, and by morning, wind chills could register around -5 degrees Fahrenheit. Those venturing outside should dress appropriately as hypothermia is a possible danger. Pets should be sheltered or brought indoors.

Delaware State Police report several accidents throughout the state.

New Castle County

Main and secondary roads are still passable, however they are becoming snow covered. Only one lane is getting by on most major roads. It is snowing heavily and is windy. Roads are treacherous. 33 accidents and disabled vehicles in a two hour period.

Property Damage Accidents: 33Personal Injury Accidents: 0Disabled vehicles: 12Kent County

Roads are snow covered or accumulating.

Personal Injury Accidents: 2Property Damage Accidents: 9Disabled Vehicles: 1Sussex County

Primary and secondary roads in the northern part of the county are starting to cover. Southern roads are just wet. Snow is falling in all parts of the county at this time.

Personal Injury: Accidents 0Property Damage Accidents: 2Disabled Vehicles: 0DelDOT dropped the speed limit on I-495 to 45 miles per hour earlier in the evening due to road conditions.