For many members of the ministry, their work is something they were called to do. For Smyrna resident and Chaplain Blake Bowers, his life's work is no different. For 38 years, Bowers has worked as a Chaplain or Pastor. Starting in early December, he started the next chapter of his life as a Chaplain with Bayhealth.

Bowers, who is a volunteer firefighter and Chaplain with Citizens' Hose Company, is a retired Chaplain from the U.S. Army Chaplain Corps. His time in the Army sent him on deployments to Germany, Iraq and the old Soviet bloc. He also previously worked as the Chaplain at the Delaware Home for the Chronically Ill. Bowers serves as the Chaplain to the Delaware Volunteer Firefighter Association, Kent County Volunteer Firefighter Association, and Kent County Volunteer Chiefs Association. He is the Senior Vice Commander for VFW Post 8801 in Smyrna and is also on the State of Delaware Critical Incident Stress Management Response Team.

Bowers recently took a few minutes to talk with the Sun-Times about his work as a Chaplain and why he wanted to work for Bayhealth.

Q Why did you become a Chaplain?

A I got into Chaplaincy because I felt that there was a need. I felt that that's where my spiritual calling was – to go into a Chaplaincy. You have an opportunity to provide a very wide spectrum of ministry opportunities and so it's been very rewarding.

Q What exactly do you do?

A For a hospital Chaplaincy, you do everything from prayers with patients and families to sacraments that're requested to sometimes just talking to them about their fears and concerns about what they might be facing with surgery or the unknown when the doctor doesn't know exactly what the issue is with the patient.

Q Why do you enjoy being a Chaplain?

A It allows me to meet a wide variety of people. No day is the same. There's always an adventure. It's definitely exciting and rewarding. It's hard and difficult at times but more so the other things outweigh that.

Q Why did you want to work at Bayhealth?

A I wanted the opportunity to develop myself professionally and there's a wide variety of opportunities to do that at Bayhealth, and they presented themselves as a very caring organization.

Q How have things gone so far?

A Extremely well. I'm very pleased to be working at Bayhealth. It's already been very rewarding for me.