The number of days classes have been canceled because of snow in the Smyrna School District has already brought forth some questions regarding how the school year will be impacted. While there have been some jokes that the school year will be extended, Superintendent Debbie Wicks says the district may only have to make up a few days.

Thus far, there have been 5.5 snow days: Dec. 9, Dec. 10, Jan. 3, Jan. 7, Jan. 21, and Jan. 22. School was missed on Jan. 7 due to the extreme cold weather and Jan. 21 was a half-day when school was dismissed early due to snow.

"It's complicated because the state may waive some days because of the State of Emergency," Wicks said.

Each year at the end of February, the district sends a letter requesting a waiver for days that were declared a State of Emergency. Moreover, since it's January, Wicks said there's still a chance of more snow.

She said district administrators will talk to the Smyrna School Board and principals about possibly using in-service days – March 28 and May 2 – as makeup days for students; however, those days will only be makeup days for students because teachers were already scheduled to work those days and will still have to make up the time at the end of the year.

One point Wicks made is that Smyrna School District students have just about a week's worth of hours to spare.

"Our students, because we have a little longer day than other districts, still have hours in the bank so to speak. Nevertheless, you don't want to miss that time," Wicks said.

The state specifies the overall number of hours schools are required to be in session in a school year, not the number of days.

*Disclaimer the district missed another school day, today, due to more snow.