The Board of Directors at Providence Creek Academy in Clayton has already decided how to address the snow days the school accumulated this year by adding minutes to the school day.

Principal Audrey Erschen said the board made the decision at the Jan. 31 monthly meeting.

"Communication will be sent home with students this week, as well as being posted on social media and the school's News page on our website," Erschen said via email Monday.

Effective Monday, Feb. 10, the school day will be extended 15 minutes. Students will be dismissed at 3:45 p.m. with buses departing by 3:55 p.m.

Thus far, Providence Creek has had seven weather-related closures. The school was closed due to snow on Dec. 9, Dec. 10, Jan. 21, Jan. 22, Jan. 23 and Jan. 29. The school was closed on Jan. 7 due to subzero temperatures. The school had a two-hour delay on Jan. 8 due to low temperatures and a two-hour delay Jan. 24 due to snow.

PCA will request forgiveness for days there was a State of Emergency from Secretary of Education Mark Murphy, and the State Board of Education. Erschen said historically the schools will not receive an answer until the board's May meeting.

"PCA is required to have 1,342.5 hours of school annually, which is longer than traditional districts," Erschen said. "By adding minutes, we anticipate getting out of school the beginning of the third week of June."

The additional minutes will add 20.8 hours, which is approximately three days. The minutes will be added to the last class of the day. The extended school days will continue through the remainder of the school year, Erschen said.