Smyrna High School's Drama Club hosted the second round of their first singing competition, the S-Factor, on Jan. 24.

The final six talented contestants – Caleb Wolf, Kayla Taylor, Diego Boatang, Beryl Nyamburi, Raven Luckett and Autumn Birney – all sang their hearts out with two songs and battled for first place.

After much deliberation, judges Sean Pile, Selena Barnett, and Tiffany McDowell decided that the winner would be Caleb Wolf. Raven Luckett was named the runner up, followed by Kayla Taylor in third place, Autumn Birney in fourth place, Diego Boatang in fifth place, and Beryl Nyamburi in sixth place.

Wolf sang "Skyscraper" by Demi Lovato and "Lean On Me" by Bill Withers. He chose "Skyscraper" because of its meaning and chose "Lean On Me" because it is his favorite song. Both songs are very close to him because they are the fiercest. He practiced in his living room with his friends, Julie Markel and Cameron Brown.

"It was a special moment because the audience felt how I felt," Wolf said. "I felt like I was singing in my living room with my best friends Cameron and Julie. I had so much fun! I wasn't nervous. I don't know – it just felt really good. [It was] definitely my favorite performance ever. I wasn't trying to sound pitch perfect. I was just doing weird, fun things like I would when I'm not on stage. I feel like my personality really came through."

He said that he wishes he could have done a sound check beforehand, but other than that he feels that the performance was fine and he wouldn't have changed a thing "because it was for God and my mom."

A total amount of $1,500 was raised and a portion of that will be donated to Colby Atkinson, who has leukemia.

"Everything went rather well. We didn't have nearly as many hiccups," said Drama Club Secretary Elizabeth Blake.

The only thing that she would have changed is the way the viewer's choice counts because she doesn't feel it's balanced between that and the votes of the three judges.