As one of the Cooldog Concert Series organizers, Trini Gumerman is well-known for making her home a welcoming venue for singers and songwriters. The tables will turn this weekend, though, when Gummerman debut's her own band's new lineup.

With shockingly red hair and leather pants, Trini Gumerman looks every bit the rock goddess as the front for Key of Red, a rock music group that will debut its current lineup this weekend for the Cooldog Concert Series in Kenton.

The series is the brainchild and baby of Gumerman and her husband Paul, who regularly bring in nationally touring bands and musicians by opening up their home to them and an intimate audience of strangers.

"A house concert is for music lovers," Paul explained last summer when the series celebrated its 10-year anniversary. "It's laid back and allows you to experience music in a relaxed environment. But, it's also a social occasion with a covered dish dinner. And, unlike going out to a crowded bar or club, there's no noise."

Key of Red was originally just a duo, who leaned towards acoustic rock.

"But, when Tim [Keller] appeared and joined in on keys, he brought a different feel to the music," Trini said. "After that, it just seemed natural to take the next step and add drums and bass. Of course, that moved us more towards a full rock sound."

That sound includes lots of original music that Trini describes as diverse, adding that their repertoire includes everything from "flowing, peaceful, haunting ballads of ancient gods to blues-rock to no-holds-barred power-rock." They also throw in a few Spanish love songs and a few "not-so-much-love" songs as well.

Trini says the group draws inspiration from all kinds of music but one genre in particular binds the band together:

"Some of us, including me, share a love for heavy metal," Trini explained. "I, in particular, grew up listening to a fair bit of pop, classical and Spanish music."

And, while they may bond over the music they grew up on, Trini says that the diversity of their talents is what really gets her excited.

"Although I write the songs, I'm always eager to see what the guys will bring to the arrangement," she said. "They always improve on what we started with—a harmony here, a lead there or keyboard pad somewhere else. I love it."


Cooldog performances take place at a private residence in Kenton, with a limited amount of seating available. Those interested must first visit here to register for the event. Once registered, the event's location will be provided. Gumerman added that they do have a Facebook page where events and concerts are also posted but that it's really helpful if people register with the actual website as well.