Everyone remembers Oscar and Felix, Neil Simon's famous "Odd Couple." Simon created another odd couple in 1985 when he retooled his classic to feature women. This weekend, the Second Story Players will bring those women to life.

Now in its tenth year performing at the Smyrna Opera House, the Second Story Players are excited to present its annual installment of “Dessert Theater.”

“It’s so much fun,” said Director Patty Musto. “After the play, everyone goes to the third floor for homemade desserts. The cast mingles with the audience and everyone always has a good time.”

This year’s play, “The Odd Couple, Female Version” was a funny way for Musto to express her self-described leanings toward feminism.

“I’m a bit of a feminist,” she said, adding that she saw Neil Simon’s original version in Dover recently and that got her thinking about his 1985 adaptation aimed at women. “It shows you what women go through in life and how they can adapt and change.”

Like the original version featuring two mismatched, older roommates: one, neat and uptight; the other, messy and laid back. However, instead of poker, the ladies play trivial pursuit. And, instead of the Pidgeon sisters, the ladies are have the Constanzuela brothers.

“I hope the audience finds it as funny as we do,” Musto said. “We laugh every night during rehearsal.”

Despite the hilarity, rehearsals have been a bit of a challenge thanks to frequent rounds of inclement weather.

“It’s been very hard this year because Mother Nature has not been very kind at all,” she said. “Even so, the cast has been doing a great job. They’re having a lot of fun with it, which means that the audience will have fun, too.”