Once again residents in the Smyrna-Clayton communities are finding a way to help those in need. This time around the fundraiser is “My First Date” dance for elementary students in the Smyrna School District.

Open to “Little Eagles” in grades second through fourth, the dance will be Saturday, March 15 at Smyrna High School from 5 to 7 p.m. There will be light refreshments, a DJ, photographer and tons of fun. All proceeds will assist local families.

Smyrna High School Associate Principal Marc Deisem and Administrative Assistant Ginger Barkley have been working with the rest of the staff to help plan this fundraiser.

Deisem said the purpose of the dance is two-fold. First it shows children how to go on a date and how they should be treated, which is with respect. Secondly, the dance works as a fundraiser.

“We were looking for ways to do it that hasn’t been done before,” Deisem said.

The Smyrna-Clayton community has been busy this year doing fundraisers to assist local families. The Smyrna High School family has done multiple fundraisers to help freshman Colby Atkinson, who was diagnosed with leukemia late last year.

The dance is open to elementary students in the Smyrna School District. Parents who are interested in attending should email their child’s teacher to RSVP for the dance. Parents are asked to RSVP by Friday, March 7.

Deisem said the dance will also give high school staff a chance to meet students before they attend the high school.

Barkley said everything for the dance has been donated.

“We’re hoping to make this an annual thing,” Barkley said.

Deisem and Barkley wouldn’t give details on who will benefit from the fundraiser, and simply stated that proceeds will go to families in need. However, they did say more fundraisers are being planned for the future. Deisem said they are looking to do one at the Moose Lodge.

“As long as stuff happens in town where people need help, we’ll do them,” Deisem said. “Unfortunately things happen a lot.”

Anyone interested in donating to the cause can write a check to the Smyrna High School Letterman’s Club and drop it off at the high school on Duck Creek Parkway.