Students in the Smyrna High Business Professionals of America demonstrated their workplace skills learned through the SHS business education curriculum by earning honors at the Delaware BPA State Leadership Conference held at Dover Downs on Feb. 27.

The Smyrna BPA Chapter was recognized for their participation in a variety of community service events by earning BPA Cares Awards for Special Olympics and Safety Awareness. Adrian Beatson, Alyssa Mears, Andrew Morrison and Diana Wilson were also awarded with the coveted Torch Award. Torch Awards are a way for students to show their involvement in their community and Business Professionals of America.

There were 45 students that attended the State Leadership along with advisors Angie Hewes, Lori Holford, Kevin Rudolph, Jessica Scott, and Alexandra Ulrich. Students attended workshops, sessions, and participated in the Workplace Skills Assessment Program competitive events to bring awards home in the areas of finance, business administration, digital communications, management, marketing and communication, and information management.

There were 35 students that earned top awards and qualified to attend the upcoming national BPA Conference in Indianapolis, Ind. in May. Students won the following awards:

Advanced Accounting: Andrew Morrison, 1st place , Hunter Pritt, 5th place; Economic Research Team: Alison Sayers, Allison Wheatley, Stacey Staley 1st place; Fundamental Word Processing: Frantz Desir, 2nd place; Advanced Spreadsheet: Haley Lloyd, 3rd place; Integrated Office: Ashley Morris, 1st place, Adrian Beatson, 2nd place, Alyssa Mears 3rd place; Basic Office System & Procedures: Jacob Mitchell 1st place, Mia Yong 3rd place; Database Applications: Mecca Andrews, 1st place; Administrative Support Research Individual: Alexis Williams 1st place, Aaron Sarkissian, 2nd place; Computer Network Technology: Tyler Niblett 2nd place, Jager Schmid, 3rd place; Accounting with Quickbooks: Brandon Marcum 2nd place; Presentation Management Individual: Emma Lendorio 2nd place; Computer Animation Team: Shelby Caballaro and Drew Forrester, 2nd place; Fundamental Desktop Publishing: Kendra Williams, 2nd place; Fundamentals of Web Design: Jarren Wilson 4th place, Cicero Lemmon 5th place; Computer Modeling: Danger Morrissiey 4th place; Small Business Management Team: Danger Morrissiey, Jordan Yeomans, Stefan Burgoyne 2nd place; Human Resource Management: Brandon Harper 2nd place; Parliamentary Procedure Team: Andrew Morrison, Gretchen Farrow, Hunter Pritt, Chris Deslongchamp, Aliyah Navarro, Nathan Seward, 1st place; Advanced Interview Skills: Gretchen Farrow 1st place; JaQuan Anderson 3rd place; Presentation Management Team; Caitlyn Ramsey, Dominique DeMoe, Haley Lloyd and Robyn Corso 2nd place; Admin Support: Robyn Corso 4th place; Parliamentary Procedures Concepts: Andrew Morrison, 2nd place, Hunter Pritt, 3rd place; IT Concepts: Stefan Burgoyne 5th place. Chris Deslongchamp and Andrew Morrison are also retiring BPA State Officers. For them, state conference is “where all our hard work as state officers gets recognized as members from around the state travel to compete and attend workshops to enhance our leadership, business, and technological skills.”

“It was fun to see all the smiling faces as kids attended workshops, competed, made new friends, and created memories that would last a life time. I personally found amusement and pleasure when kids came up to me and told me that this was the best State Leadership Conference they have ever attended,” Deslongchamp said.

This was the first time first place Database Applications winner Mecca Andrews participated at the BPA SLC and she agreed.

“The best things were the workshops and the awards ceremony. The care package workshop was really fun and I enjoyed making packages for the children. It was also fun to meet new people,” Andrews said.

Smyrna students and advisors were grateful to have the support of their conference guests Superintendent Debbie Wicks, school board members Vetra Evans-Gunter and Kristi Lloyd, Associate Principal Marc Deisem, and Director of Curriculum Dr. Alexander Shalk; they are impressed at how successful students are at rising to the occasion and demonstrating a high level of achievement.

“I was proud of how successful our students were in the competition and with how much grace and professionalism they accepted the recognition they achieved. As a networking tool and an opportunity to demonstrate learning at the highest level, the conference is integral to preparing our students for future success,” Dr. Shalk said.