Catch up with some of Dr. Seuss's favorite characters tonight at John Bassett Moore Intermediate School when students perform "Seussical: The Musical."

Middle school students have a long-standing relationship with silly. Most also have a well-established relationship with Dr. Seuss and his most famous character the Cat in the Hat.

The worlds of Seuss include hundreds of other characters as well and middle school students at John Bassett Moore Intermediate School will bring them to life this weekend with “Seussical, Jr.,” a colorful cacophony of texture, relentless rhymes and sing-along-worthy songs.

“Almost the entire show is a musical number,” said Drama Advisor Missy Anspach. “There are only three or four places without music.”

The cast includes nearly 40 students in all, who have been rehearsing three days a week since January, trying to weave together a complex combination of many Seuss books. When the curtain opens, much of the story follows Horton the Elephant, who faces two challengest: protecting the invisible Whos and guarding an abandoned egg left to his care.

Of course, chaos ensues. But, how could it not when the Cat in the Hat is acting as narrator? The chaos lends itself to layered messages and morality lessons.

“ ‘Seussical, Jr.’ is so touching,” Anspach said, adding that her own drama club did the show six years ago and she’s been in love with the story ever since. “It’s about how someone will keep on going no matter what others think. I think there’s a great lesson in it for everyone about sticking up for people and staying with your beliefs.”

The production is free and open to the public but donations at the door are welcome. Organizers will also have two raffle opportunities for a handmade blanket and a cast photo as well as a 50/50 raffle.