Clayton Town Council members announced the cancelling of this year’s Clayton Railroad Days Festival Monday night at the town council meeting.

Councilwoman Mary Ellen DeBenedictis said the festival is cancelled this year due to the construction at the Clayton Fire House on Railroad Avenue. In the first three years of the event, the festival has been partially held on Railroad Avenue and at the fire department.

There was some talk of holding Railroad Days at the St. Joe’s School for Boys; however, work is being done to turn the property into a military academy.

“We don’t want people walking off in the area and getting into things they shouldn’t so we are postponing the festival for a year but we will still have a parade,” DeBenedictis said.

The parade will be June 14 in Clayton; it will start at Clayton Elementary, turn onto Main Street, go east on Main Street, turn left onto Reed Street and further down the road.

Council approved the parade at the meeting Monday night.

The Clayton Historical Society was set to get a donation to go towards the Railroad Days. DeBenedictis said since the event is cancelled, they won’t need the donation this year.

“I’m going to write a letter to council informing you that we won’t use the donation this year but hopefully we can get it next year when the festival is back on track,” she said.

She said anyone can participate in the parade and that they can contact her, Councilman Skip Carrow or the front office if they’re interested in participating.

DeBenedictis can be contacted at 653-9128. Carrow can be reached at

“Hopefully we can make this a pretty good parade. We’re kind of proud of it,” DeBenedictis said.

Speeding concerns in developments

Council members voted to put a 4-way stop sign at the intersection of Coldwater Drive and Massey Branch Road in Providence Crossing.

The decision to put a stop sign at the intersection was a recommendation from the Streets Committee. The stop sign is being placed in hopes of addressing issues of speeding in the development.

Police Chief Brian Hill said he didn’t agree with just putting one stop sign and enforcing speeding on the road. Hill said he’d prefer if more stop signs were placed on the road so police can enforce stopping at stop signs rather than speeding.

“That stretch of road is one mile long and I personally don’t think one stop sign is enough. There are roads in town that have a stop sign every quarter-of-a-mile.” Hill said. “It’s too open of a road.”

There intersection is an area of concern due to a park and there’s concern a child will be hit because people are speeding down the road.

Council ultimately voted to put just one stop sign on Coldwater Drive at the intersection with Massey Branch Road.