Smyrna Town Hall will undergo a security assessment in May to determine any possible threats in the building, which is on South Market Street Plaza.

Town Manager Dave Hugg announced the assessment at the April 21 Smyrna Town Council meeting. The town met with Ronald Bounds of the Delaware State Police Critical Infrastructure Unit on April 17 to discuss the need of an assessment.

Hugg said Bounds will come to town hall on May 13 to take a look at town hall.

“Thanks to Interim Chief [Norman] Wood’s contacts, we were able to meet with the Delaware State Police Critical Infrastructure Unit and we’ve agreed to do an assessment,” Hugg said. “Bounds will come through and meet with some of us and do an assessment of the entire building from top to bottom for the obvious and not so obvious threats.”

Wood explained the need for the assessment later in the week.

“The threat assessment came up when a resident was in the lobby of town hall being disorderly and employees were concerned for their safety,” Wood said via email. “Mr. Hugg and I spoke about potential problems and we contacted Mr. Bounds for the assessment.”

The assessment is expected to take one day to complete on-site, then Bounds will need some time to complete the documentation phase.

“The assessment will show weaknesses that currently exist in the security of town hall so that they can be addressed,” Wood said. “Times are changing and with the recent trends of violence worldwide, we felt that it wasn’t worth taking a chance.”