PREVIOUSLY REPORTED Two years ago Smyrna Town Council authorized Smyrna Town Manager Dave Hugg to submit applications to the Office of Drinking Water and DNREC for funding for a water and sewer replacement project on Commerce Street in town. The ODW loan was for $1 million while the DNREC loan was for $917,000.

Hugg said at the time the water and sewer replacement needed to be done because the utilities were too old. Council approved a motion at a March 2012 meeting to approve the applications for the loans.

He explained to the council at the time that the project didn’t include the same streetscaping elements done on South Main Street, but would make it easier to do in the future. The work also includes storm drainage work, repaving streets and handicap accessibility with the curbs. Electric conduit will also be placed underground.

The project is on West Commerce Street at Market Street to East Commerce Street at East Street.

The town was expected to start the project in 2013, more specifically the fall; however, the work was postponed due to a permit that was needed prior to the start of the bidding process.

The bid for the project was awarded to Lindstrom Excavating Contracts, Inc. at the Feb. 3, 2014 meeting. Hugg said the project would start on March 24.

WHAT’S NEW The work on the Commerce Street utility project will begin on Sunday, May 18. Hugg announced the newest start date for the project at the May 7 council meeting.

The work will be done Sunday through Thursday night from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. There’s not supposed to be heavy construction after 10 p.m.

The road will reopen each day and during the weekend; the road must be restored each morning before it’s reopened.

“The work was supposed to start in March,” Hugg said prior to the meeting. “But the contractor asked to delay the project because of the weather. There was also a delay in the signs issued by DelDOT.”

At night during construction, there could possibly be interruptions to the sewer and water service, and it may also affect accessibility with a vehicle. The work is expected to be completed before Thanksgiving.