The 26th Annual Driver Education Competition was April 16 and for the first time in the competition’s history, Smyrna High School placed. Allison Wheatley, Brandon Bishop, Sami Jamison and Jeff Campbell represented Smyrna High and finished second out of the 24 teams participating.

The competition consists of a series of road tests and a written test. During the road test, students have to follow a road course through the city of Dover completing skills such a lane changes, proper use of a turn lane, proper use of blinkers, and perpendicular parking. The skills set included skills such as a three-point turn, backing 50 feet in between cones, and a forward and backward weave through cones. The event was different this year because the competition committee eliminated the map reading aspect due to the increasing use of GPS, and added a second skill set for students to complete.

The written test is similar to the state final exam students take to complete the driver education course at Smyrna High under instructors Shannon Timmons, Patrick Zolper, and Clay Lloyd.

“The students from Smyrna High School performed exceptionally well on the written and road test (which combined knowledge and skill) and scored above average on the skills testing,” said Timmons. “The team represented Smyrna High School by demonstrating the core community values and came home with second place.”

Timmons, Zolper, and Lloyd would like to congratulate the students on their accomplishment!