Thanks to some built in time, longer school days and the State Board of Education, students at Providence Creek Academy will only be in school one extra day this year despite the school missing 12 days total due to weather.

Providence Creek Academy was closed for 12 days this year due to inclement weather. Earlier this year, the PCA Board of Directors voted to add minutes to the school day to address missed school time. Starting Feb. 10, each school day was extended 15 minutes for an additional 20.8 hours per day; the extra hours give the school three days back.

Providence Creek also already had three days built into the calendar.

However, with so many days missed, PCA Principal Audrey Erschen previously said the board would still ask the state to forgive six of the missed school days. Several missed days were deemed a state of emergency with state and county offices closed.

Erschen previously said that if six days would be forgiven that last day of school would be June 16; June 17 would be the last day for teachers.

The State BOE voted in April to forgive four of the six days requested by PCA. Since the district added minutes and had time built into the calendar, the school year was only extended a day.

“We will have attended 1,325 hours, which is above the minimum,” Erschen said.

Therefore, the last day for PCA students will be June 12. The last day for teachers will be June 13.