The Smyrna School Board honored the teachers of the year at the May 14 board meeting at the Central Administration Building. Winning the honor for John Bassett Moore Intermediate School is fifth grade teacher Laurie Deisem.

Deisem recently took a few minutes to talk with the Sun-Times about winning the award and why she loves working in education.

Q Why did you get into education?

A To make an impact, create lifelong connections with students and families, and create lifelong learners.

Q What do you like about your job?

A I love teaching in innovative and fun ways. I love seeing the sense of accomplishment students feel when they achieve success or have that “Aha” moment. I love making connections and really getting to know my students. I love the collaborative teamwork that my teaching partner, Ryan Matthews and I have. Sharing a common philosophy and goal makes us a great team. I truly feel that I couldn’t do this without him.

Q How do you feel about receiving the award?

A Humbled. There are a lot of deserving teachers in the building. I truly appreciate the nomination.

Q What do you like about working in the Smyrna School District?

A The sense of community.

Q What does it take to be a teacher?

A An understanding, compassionate and patient person. Someone who is motivated and driven, and who never stops learning. Someone who is willing to try new things, and who is devoted to creating unique learning experiences for the diverse group of students that they will teach each year.