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  • 12 Things You Never Knew About Sriracha

  • Twelve fun facts we bet you didn't know about Sriracha, the reigning "it" condiment.
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  • whether you prefer a thin drizzle across your pad thai or drenching your french fries in a spicy firestorm, there's no denying sriracha is well on its way to becoming king of the condiments. in homage, we've gathered 12 need-to-know facts that we bet you didn't know about this peppery goodness.

    1. you might love a copy cat. u.s. asian-foods distributor eastland food corporation asserted in a bonappetit.com interview that the thai brand of the hot sauce called “sriraja panich” is the original sriracha sauce created in si racha, thailand, in the 1930s. [caption id="attachment_330617" align="alignnone" width="486"]

    12. sriracha is so popular that there’s a documentary film devoted to it. watch the trailer below: [vimeo 79918470 w=500 h=281] sriracha, the movie! - trailer from griffin hammond on vimeo. what do you like to top with sriracha? comment below! this article originally appeared as on relish

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