Smyrna School Board members approved a dress code policy revision at the school board meeting Wednesday that will further restrict what students can wear to school next year.

The dress code change deals with tights and leggings. The change states tights worn alone are unacceptable and must be covered by a skirt, pants or shorts of an acceptable length. A long shirt worn over the tights is unacceptable.

Moreover, the revised policy states “versions of clothes such as see-through pants, jeggings, yoga pants, tights/yoga pants, and loungewear such as pajamas, flannel, sleepwear, or slippers are unacceptable.

The first reading of the policy revision was approved at the May 14 Board of Education meeting.

Superintendent Debbie Wicks previously said the proposed change was made due to the confusion regarding how leggings are worn. Currently students wear leggings with shirts, which administrators don’t feel is appropriate.

The approved change will go into effect in the fall with the start of the 2014-2015 school year.

Proposed grade policy revision

The school board approved the first reading of a proposed grading policy change. Curriculum Director Sandy Shalk went over the proposed amendments during the work session portion of the meeting.

The proposed revisions deal with parent conferences, course level changes, and weighted grades for courses.

The first proposed change states parent conferences for high school students would be scheduled upon teacher or parent request.

The second proposed change deals with quality points for classes. If approved, college preparatory classes will be assigned 1.03 quality points, honors courses will be assigned 1.05 quality points, and advanced placement courses will be assigned 1.07 quality points for the purpose of ranking. All other courses are assigned 1.0 quality points.

Shalk said this change is proposed to address a change that was made a few years ago. Previously the policy weighted the AP courses 1.06, but in an effort to get students to not only take the class but the AP test as well, the quality point was increased to 1.07 if students took the test; the proposed change would have one AP quality point of 1.07.

“We originally requested the previous policy change because we felt not enough students were taking the AP test. As it turns out, students are taking two or three AP tests,” Shalk said. “We now feel it’s unnecessary to have a distinction between the two.”

The final proposed change deals with course level changes. Shalk said students have up to six school days after the first report card to make a course level change. The changes can only be made at the written request of the parent and if room is available in another course.

The school will have to approve a second reading in order to put the grading policy into effect.

New administrator approved

Along with numerous other personnel changes, the school board approved the new associate principal for John Bassett Moore Intermediate School and Clayton Intermediate School. North Smyrna Elementary first grade teacher Cynthia McNatt will now be the associate principal at both JBM and CIS.

Referendum architect picked

The architectural firm of Fearn Clendaniel was chosen to be the architectural service for the major capital improvements that will be done via the approved referendum. The approval is contingent on the ongoing negotiation of the fees.