Time and time again students in the Smyrna School District put Smyrna on the map. Student Jordan Ide is adding to the accolades as she will be the president of the Delaware Association of Student Councils for middle schools next year.

Ide, 12, was the president of the Clayton Intermediate School this year as a sixth grader. She will attend Smyrna Middle School next year.

Student Council advisor Heather Moyer said Ide was elected to the state student council this spring during a conference.

“Jordan wanted to run for an office so she ran for president. She had to do a speech, create two posters, create a slogan and hand things out to gain votes,” Moyer said. “She ran for office and ended up winning.”

Ide is really excited to have won the election. She said at first it was a tie so she had to speak again, and eventually won. The conference was held at the Modern Maturity Center in Dover.

Student councils from Padua to Selbyville participate in the Delaware Association of Student Councils.

Ide will be president for the 2014-2015 school year. As president, she’ll have to attend six or seven meetings throughout the year, and help put on the fall and spring conference. For the election, Ide said she would be accountable for things, encourage others to help people out, and for students to not let others overpower them.

She was president of CIS this past year, and ran so she could help out.

“I get to use my own voice to help others,” Ide said. “I like helping out with the community and helping others improve on what they want to say and do.”

Ide and her fellow student council members helped the CIS Student Council surpass many of its goals this year. Moyer said the school collected the most canned goods this year for the canned food drive with 2,550 canned goods. The school also surpassed their fundraising goal for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society with $1,600 raised.

“They’ve done an amazing job with surpassing goals that we’ve had in the past,” Moyer said.

Ide thinks she’ll do well as the president of the state student council.

Moyer believes Ide will do fabulous.

“I’m overwhelmed with pride. I’m so proud of her. She worked really hard this year so I had high hopes anyway, but I’m just truly proud. She’s an awesome girl,” Moyer said. “She truly possesses all of the core values. She is honest, hard-working and I think the most important value she has is she’s a team player; she will work with anyone to get the job done.”

CIS Student Council advisor Jacqueline Yerkes also believes Ide will do a good job. She said it’s an honor for Jordan to win the election and to go on to represent CIS.

“She’ll do great. She’s a true leader and I feel confident she’ll do a great job at the state level,” Yerkes said.