Kent County Levy Court commissioners Tuesday night approved a three-year, $2.68 million dog control services contract with First State Animal Care and SPCA, of Camden.

The vote, however, was not unanimous, with commissioners Jody Sweeney and Allan Angel voting against it.

In voting no, Angel repeated a comment from the June 17 committee meeting, saying he felt the deal had been forced upon the county.

Angel’s criticism has centered on Levy Court’s having no choice to but to approve the contract since FSAC was not only the sole bidder but also is the only dog control agency in the state.

Referring back to his June 17 comments, Angel said, “I feel like there’s still a shotgun wedding here, until we get control and we’re not being controlled by somebody else, and that no contractor should control this body of government, and that’s my feeling on it,” he said.

The county currently uses FSAC for its dog control services, along with New Castle and Sussex counties, as well as the city of Wilmington. The present contract, which expires June 30, is worth $868,971.96 in Fiscal Year 2014; the new pact will be priced the same for FY 2015, but will go up by 3 percent for FY 2016 and again for 2017.