Smyrna Town Council members unanimously approved the town’s Economic Development Strategic Plan at the June 16 council meeting.

Town Manager Dave Hugg said the strategic plan is something town staff and committees have been working on for a number of months, and explains in detail economic development goals and initiatives.

“This will be an ongoing living document,” Hugg said.

Hugg said there will be regular additions put into the document as modifications are needed to keep the plan up-to-date. The strategic plan will be handed out to offices such as the Delaware Economic Development Office and potential business partners.

Hugg said while it may seem like shotgun decisions are sometimes made regarding economic development, the economic development plan shows how everything is tied together towards the future growth of Smyrna. The three main objectives in the plan deal with the town overall, the U.S. Route 13 Corridor, and downtown Smyrna; from there initiatives are set in place for achieving goals for each objective.

Within the three main objectives, there are several initiatives the town will put in place, some of which have already been implemented including the town re-branding program and approved zoning changes.

After the meeting, Hugg said it’s good council approved the plan as it’s a vital piece of information for the town.

“It was an important and critical concerted effort to create a strategic plan for what we are trying to accomplish,” Hugg said. “A lot of the economic development activities can seem very disjointed but this shows there is an overall plan to what we’re trying to accomplish.”