The Town of Smyrna continues to address old utility issues in town. The latest projects to add into the mix are water main replacements on Mt. Vernon and Frazier streets.

Smyrna Town Council approved the projects at the July 7 town council meeting. A public hearing was a held and a vote taken on the matter, which Town Manager Dave Hugg said was just a formality because the Office of Drinking Water had already approved a $537,000 loan to Smyrna for the project. The approval at the meeting more or less authorized the town to borrow the funds from ODW for the water main replacement.

The project is being done because the water mains are old and aren’t the proper size. The water mains are four inches and will be replaced with six-inch mains. Service lines and other related attachments will also be replaced during the project.

The ODW loan has a 1.5 percent interest rate over a 20-year term. The only cost to the town in 2014 is a loan origination fee of $5,375.

Hugg said the project will start in September and take about six months until March 2015 to finish. The water main replacement at Frazier Street, which will be done from School Lane to Delaware Street, will be done first. The Mt. Vernon Street replacement will be done once the Frazier Street aspect of the project is complete. Hugg said at a previous meeting that the Mt. Vernon Street part of the project would also be done from Delaware Street to School Lane; however, Hugg said at the July 7 meeting the replacement will actually be done from School Lane to High Street.

Mayor Joanne Masten asked if homeowners would be notified of the work to be done. Hugg said the contractor will be required to send out door hangers and contact homeowners regarding the work.

“I’m not sure yet if this will be a daytime or nighttime project,” Hugg said.

Furthermore, Hugg said there is a slight snag in one portion of the project. The ODW loan won’t completely pay for the repaving of the road. The loan only covers the portion of the roads where the water mains are being replaced. Therefore, the town needs to find funding to finish the paving on the road once the project is complete.

“I’d hate to see two-thirds of the road paved and not the other portion, or else we’ll end up with a similar issue to Glenwood when we dug up the road for utility work and ended up patching up the road,” Hugg said.

Residents living in the Glenwood neighborhood voiced frustrations in the last couple of years regarding the poorly paved roads. The town eventually agreed to use Municipal Street Aid funds to pave the roads in the development. The town is using its portion of the Municipal Street Aid funds from the state to repave Glenwood roads. There won’t be any money left from those funds to complete the paving of Frazier and Mt. Vernon Street.