The Town of Clayton will continue to make improvements to town streets thanks to funding from the state legislature.

Councilman Dave Letterman announced at the council meeting Monday night that Clayton will receive $41,000 in Municipal Street Aid Funds; the funds were approved in the latest General Assembly session.

Letterman also said local legislatures have already offered to fund the paving of three streets in town. Local legislatures such as State Rep. Bill Carson have provided the town funding this past year to pave streets such as Bassett Street.

After the meeting, Town Foreman Jeff Hurlock said the three streets to be paved are a portion of West Street, Apricot Alley, and a portion Hudson Street; Letterman said the roads will be done sometime in the fall or next spring.

Hurlock said these three streets will not be included in the $41,000 the town received in Municipal Street Aid. The money can be used for paving, sidewalks, curbs, snow removal and more.

Dog ordinance amendment

Council is considering an amendment to the town’s dog ordinance. Councilwoman Mary Ellen DeBenedictis read aloud the proposed change, which will be voted on at the August council meeting.

The current ordinance states that pet owners must insure that pets are confined within the property boundary, shall not permit animal to wander at large, and that the pet must not commit waste, permit noise or cause damage.

The amended ordinance, if approved, wouldn’t allow pet owners to permit dogs to run at large. The dog must be confined to an enclosure from which it cannot escape; secured by means of a collar, chain or invisible fence so the dog cannot stray from the premises; all invisible fences must be clearly marked on the premises; firmly secure the dog by a leash whenever it is off the premises; and the owner must use a bag to pick up and remove any excrement from the dog.

“This updating of the pet ordinance within the Town of Clayton is generated by various recent complaints to the Town of Clayton Police Department and the mayor and council regarding confinement of dogs in the Town of Clayton as well as the owner’s responsibility to clean up after the dog in the Town of Clayton,” DeBenedictis said.

Ordinance will confirm town boundary

DeBenedictis also read aloud the first reading of an ordinance to depict the boundaries of the Town of Clayton. The second reading and final approval on the ordinance will be voted on at the August council meeting.

The ordinance basically authorizes town council to record the official town boundaries with the recorder of deeds. Hurlock said there’s no change that will be done to town boundaries; this is simply something the state planning office is requiring the town to do because it hasn’t been recorded with the Recorder of Deeds.

If council approves the ordinance, a map depicting the town’s municipal boundaries of Clayton will be recorded with the Kent County Recorder of Deeds and the New Castle County Record of Deeds.