The Painted Stave Distillery and the Young Bean Coffee Shop will debut a new collaboration Friday night that may have people saying, "There's espresso in my vodka" or " There's vodka in my espresso."

For the past several months, an idea has been brewing at the Painted Stave: What would happen if locally roasted and grinded coffee was combined with locally distilled vodka? This Friday night, fans of early mornings—and late nights—will finally get to taste the results when Time Warp, the Painted Stave’s latest collaboration makes its debut.

How did they do it? Using coffee beans roasted by the Young Bean’s vintage coffee roaster, PS co-owner Mike Rasmussen roasted and grinded a batch of beans. The resulting coffee grinds were put in steeping bags and then added to a batch of vodka for a 20 to 30-minute infusion. The result is a dark, coffee-colored experiment.

“If you are a coffee lover, you will love this,” said Painted Stave co-owner Ron Gomes. “The vodka is more of an afterthought.”

The official introduction will include original house recipes like a White Russian and other simple formulas that guests will be able to recreate themselves at home.

The launch will also include a homage to the original bones of the PS building, which most locals know as an old theater. That doesn’t mean that guests will be forced to watch an old black-and-white movie, though. Guests will be treated to “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” which will play in the background. Of course, RHPS screenings almost always include a bit of costume play so Gomes, Rasmussen and a few others have committed to dressing up. He said that he hopes they won’t be the only ones.

The evening will also feature snacks and a photo booth (these moments have to be captured, right?) The best part? There’s no cost for guests? That doesn’t mean the party’s theme is “come one, come all.” Participants will have to first get on the guest list. To do that, simply call the guys at (302) 653-6834 or email them at