Dog owners in Clayton will have a new set of rules to follow thanks to an amended ordinance Clayton Town Council members approved Monday night at the town council meeting.

Councilwoman Mary Ellen DeBenedictis went over the second reading of the ordinance Monday night; with the approval the changes are now in effect.

The current ordinance states that pet owners must ensure that pets are confined within the property boundary, shall not permit the animal to wander at large, and that the pet must not commit waste, permit noise or cause damage.

Under the new ordinance, dogs are not permitted to run at large. The dog must be confined to an enclosure from which it cannot escape; secured by means of a collar, chain or invisible fence so the dog cannot stray from the premises; all invisible fences must be clearly marked; dogs must be firmly secured by a leash whenever it is off the premises; and the owner must use a bag to pick up and remove any excrement from the dog.

“This updating of the pet ordinance within the Town of Clayton is generated by various recent complaints to the Town of Clayton Police Department and the mayor and council regarding confinement of dogs in the Town of Clayton as well as the owner’s responsibility to clean up after the dog in the Town of Clayton,” DeBenedictis said at the July council meeting.

Ordinance confirms town boundary

Council also approved an ordinance that will confirm the town’s boundaries.

The ordinance authorizes council to record the official town boundaries with the Kent County Recorder of Deeds and the New Castle County Recorder of Deeds.

There are no changes to the town boundaries; however, the town is required by the state planning office to do because prior to the ordinance the town hadn’t recorded Clayton boundaries with the recorder of deeds.

Fall yard sale date changed

Clayton Council voted to change the town yard sale from Sept. 6 to Saturday, Sept. 13.

DeBenedictis said the reason for the change is because trash and recycling pick up is on Sept. 6.

“We can’t have the trucks out on the streets during the yard sale,” she said.

Pool permit issues

Town Foreman Jeff Hurlock said town employees are still having issues with residents and pool permits. Hurlock said once residents receive a pool permit, they must receive a CO before using the pool.

“People are using the pool without the CO and that’s a health and safety issue,” Hurlock said. “If you use the pool without a CO you are in violation.”

Hurlock said the town can turn the power off is a resident is in violation. There has been a situation in town regarding a resident who Hurlock said town staff has worked with diligently to address such a violation; however, the issue could result in the town turning the residents electric off for being in violation.