Smyrna Police are investigating a pedestrian accident that sent a 35-year-old woman to the hospital Wednesday evening with head lacerations and a broken leg.

S/Pfc. Brandon Dunning said Smyrna Police responded to Route 13 at East Glenwood Avenue at 8:31 p.m. Dunning said two cars were driving southbound when a woman started to run southeast on Route 13. The woman narrowly missed being struck by the car on the right but was hit by the car in the left lane.

"She was not in the crosswalk and the light was green," Dunning said. "The driver didn't see the woman because she was running and it was dark. The woman was struck head on."

Dunning said the woman was flown by the Delaware State Police Aviation Unit to Christiana Hospital in stable condition with head injuries and a broken leg.

"The family said she has a broken leg, lacerations and cuts to the head," he said.

Witnesses are urged to call the police department at 653-9217. Despite the fact the incident was at a busy intersection, only one witness has been interviewed.

"We would like more people to come forward to fill in the extra data," Dunning said.

No charges are pending at this time, but the accident is still under investigation. No other injuries were reported. There was minor damage to the vehicle.

Dunning is also reminding pedestrians to be cautious when crossing roads and to use crosswalks. There are three designated crosswalks on Route 13 with controlled access, yet people don't always use them. The pedestrian in this particular accident ran south of the crosswalk.

Not only are pedestrians encouraged to use crosswalks, but Dunning reminded walkers to walk at the proper time , and to look left and right before crossing the road. Moreover, even if the crosswalk says to walk, pedestrians should still look first because car drivers don't always pay attention.

"It's the same thing we tell children when walking across the road but for adults," Dunning said.