PREVIOUSLY REPORTED The Smyrna Board of Education approved the first reading of a proposed grading policy change at the June school board meeting.

The first proposed change stated parent conferences for high school students would be scheduled upon teacher or parent request.

The second proposed change dealt with quality points for advanced placement classes. The proposal suggested assigning AP courses with a quality point of 1.07.

“We originally requested the previous policy change because we felt not enough students were taking the AP test. As it turns out, students are taking two or three AP tests,” Curriculum Director Sandy Shalk said.

Previously the policy weighted the AP courses 1.06, but in an effort to get students to not only take the class but the AP test as well, the quality point was increased to 1.07 if students took the test; the proposed change would have one AP quality point of 1.07.

The final proposed change dealt with course level changes. Shalk said students have up to six school days after the first report card to make a course level change.

WHAT’S NEW The Smyrna School Board approved the second reading of the grading policy revision Aug. 20 in the Board of Education meeting.

“This really simplifies the process,” Shalk said. “We have an upwards of 300 tests taken. We instituted the previous policy to get more students to take the tests but that isn’t necessary anymore.”