During the December meeting of the Clayton Fire Company, the company installed its administrative officers and fire line officers for 2017.

The following administrative officers will take over their new roles at the January company meeting:

President Robert Faulkner,

Vice President Cheryl Hurlock,

Treasurer Jim Cubbage,

Secretary Kevin Wilson,

Director Jay Hurlock,

Director Denys Demczak,

Director Joey O’Neal,

Fire Chief Wes Davis who is on the Board of Directors,

Deputy Chief Alex Carrow who is on the Board of Directors.

The 2017 fire line officers began their new roles on Jan. 1, as follows:

Chief Wes Davis,

Deputy Chief Alex Carrow,

1st Assistant Chief Ray Johnson,

2nd Assistant Chief Robbie Johnson,

Capt. John Pridemore,

Capt. Craig Snyder,

Lt. Jon Burnett,

Lt. Jack Davis,

Chief Engineer Roland Timmons,

EMS Officer Leslie Pope,

Fire Recorder Ashley Carrow.